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Good for the environment and good for the customers

Dr Rob Grant FRSC, CEO at Gas Recovery and Recycle Limited, dropped in on PES to bring us up to date on their argon recycling process. They have experienced tremendous growth already and more is expected. The ArgonØ™ is good for the environment and through recycling, delivers cost reductions to companies implementing it. No wonder business is good!

PES: Hi Rob, its a pleasure good to talk with you. As you know we have been following GR2L for some years now and you are regular participants in PES Solar/PV. To start with please could you give us a brief overview of your company?

Dr Rob Grant: GR2L was founded in 2008 to commercialise chemical looping combustive purification technology developed in collaboration with Cambridge University, UK. This addresses the 10-10,000ppm impurity level gap not addressed by current conventional gas purification technologies as seen, for example, in the microelectronics industry.

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