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GE Vernova Launches New Portfolio of Grid Automation Solutions to Enhance Grid Resilience

Paris, France, February 28th, 2024GE Vernova’s Grid Solutions business (NYSE:GE), today announced the launch of GridBeats, a comprehensive portfolio of software-defined automation solutions aimed at streamlining grid digitalization and enhancing grid resilience.

Amid growing climate concerns, grid operators worldwide are responding to regulatory, consumer, and societal demands to achieve net-zero emissions and deepen their commitment to sustainability. Realizing these goals presentssignificant challenges, such as limited visibility into an aging infrastructure, inadequate control mechanisms, and a lack of fast, reliable, and deterministic communication.

The GridBeats portfolio provides innovative digital solutions for the power grid to tackle these challenges. GridBeats enhances grid resilience and reliability with faster controls, artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML)-based automation, and improved cybersecurity. It improves visibility across the grid, from larger areas down to specific equipment, thanks to precise sensors and dependable communication networks. With software-defined automation, it also offers greater flexibility. With these features and more, GridBeats aims to modernize grid operations, boost performance, and speed up the shift toward sustainable energy.

The portfolio includes:

  • GridBeats: Zonal Autonomous Control – This cutting-edge solution allows you to divide your grid network into autonomous zones, enhancing resilience and reliability when disruptions occur.
  • GridBeats: Integrated Digital Substation – Features modern top-down engineering tools, software-defined centralized protection and control, and advanced wide-area applications. Fast deployment reduces time to value, increasing reliability and enabling flexibility for the future grid.
  • GridBeats: EnergyAPM – Reduces downtime and maintenance costs through predictive and prescriptive diagnostics that utilize both online and offline operational data and physics-based digital twins of assets.
  • GridBeats: Device Management – Increases visibility across your entire fleet down to the individual secondary asset level. With technologies such as auto-detection, remote provisioning, and health monitoring, this solution enhances system reliability and reduces operation and maintenance (O&M) costs.
  • GridBeats: Network Management System – Maximizes your communications network’s return on investment (ROI) by increasing system throughput and uptime, improving the utilization of networked devices, and enabling you to discover, monitor, and act on your multi-vendor network.

“With the ongoing emphasis on climate change, we are witnessing the most significant transformation of the grid in over a century,” said Nicolas Gibergues, Grid Automation Senior Executive & Business Line Leader, at GE Vernova’s Grid Solutions. “In response, GE Vernova has rolled out GridBeats, a suite of Grid Automation software solutions designed to assist utilities in adapting to these changes while ensuring their grid operates smoothly.”

This announcement reaffirms GE Vernova’s dedication to providing innovative solutions that meet the grid’s changing needs. With more than 100 digital substations currently operational in the world, GE Vernova’s Grid Solutions business is set to continue its 130-year legacy of excellence in Grid Automation with GridBeats, marking a new era in energy management and grid reliability.

Catch the live announcement on our LinkedIn Live session at DistribuTECH 2024! Tune in here.