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Fronius Tauro brings greater cost effectiveness to large-scale PV systems

(Wels, 20/01/2022) Fronius Tauro is now also available in the 50 kW power category. The robust commercial inverter makes large-scale PV systems even more cost effective. Even under the harshest environmental conditions, it delivers full power and maximum yields with impressively low total system operating costs, smart control and an open system architecture. Last but not least, it offers maximum flexibility in terms of system design and saves both time and money with its sustainable structure.

The Fronius Tauro follows on from the Fronius Tauro ECO launched in May last year. They are “Designed to perform” and form an unbeatable duo for cost-effective yet flexible projects. Each inverter alone offers unique advantages which can be utilised depending on the requirements of the PV system.

The Fronius Tauro is available in the 50 kW power category and has three MPP trackers coupled with a very wide input voltage range, making it particularly well suited to more challenging PV configurations. The Tauro ECO has one MPP tracker, is optimised for efficiency and cost, and is available in the 50, 99.99 and 100 kW power categories. “Cost optimisation, a long service life, design flexibility and efficient servicing are what set our Fronius Tauro commercial inverters apart,” says Martin Hackl, Global Director of the Business Unit Solar Energy, Fronius International GmbH, on the benefits of the Fronius Tauro.

Maximum yields whatever the circumstances

“A good commercial inverter must be robust with a long service life,” says Jasmin Gross, Product Marketing, Fronius International GmbH. “We developed the Fronius Tauro to brave even the harshest environmental conditions and to deliver maximum yields in any scenario.”

The double-walled housing and active cooling ensure a long service life and robustness while simultaneously operating at full performance. Thanks to its IP 65 safety class and unique cooling technology, the inverter can even be installed in unprotected outdoor areas or in direct sunlight without the need for additional protective structures.

Minimal overall operating costs thanks to smart design

The innovative system architecture makes the Fronius Tauro particularly flexible in terms of system design. The inverter is smart, quick to install and efficient to maintain. When servicing is required, all that’s needed is to replace the affected power module on site. This makes for stable operation and fast, cost-efficient servicing.

Like all Fronius products, the Tauro can be conveniently monitored, controlled and maintained from a smartphone or PC. From commissioning with Solar.start and monitoring with Solar.web to support with Solar.SOS, the digital Fronius tools support the installer every step of the way. Thanks to the open system architecture, third-party components can also be integrated with ease. 

Maximum flexibility in terms of system design and installation

The inverter can either be suspended on a mounting frame or placed flat on the floor. The commercial inverters have been optimised for use in a centralised or local system. This considerable design freedom gives the installer maximum flexibility and also has a positive effect on the cost. AC daisy chaining also results in additional cost optimisation, reducing the need for additional components and cables.

Sustainability and unique servicing approach

The Fronius Tauro also shows that sustainability at every stage of the product life cycle pays dividends. It is designed for durability and, when servicing is required, the affected individual parts can be replaced directly on site. Together with the digital support tools, such as Fronius.Solar.SOS, it results in efficient servicing which saves both time and resources.