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Ensuring optimised control of a thin film..

The Grenzebach group is a global PV player with production facilities in Germany, the USA and China. Its staff of 1500 designs, manufactures and delivers fabrication lines and components for the production and processing of flat glass and thin film photovoltaic modules. The company is also a specialist in equipment for display glass production. Here, Egbert Wenninger (Dipl. Ing.)


Vice President, Sales Glass Technology, tells PES how Grenzebach has set standards in the design and construction of plants and high performance technology.

 PES: Welcome to PES magazine. Can you first explain a little about the history of your company and how it serves the photovoltaic industry?

Egbert Wenninger: Since its foundation in 1960, Grenzebach has been a successful supplier of manufacturing and processing equipment for several mainline industries. From a single machine to a complete production line we have perfected technology for the production of gypsum, insulation panels and various other building boards, for cutting and drying of veneer and also general automation technology.

 Over the years, Grenzebach has been a trend setter for the flat glass industry. We quickly identified the opportunities that electronics provided for controlling complex production procedures and founded our own electronics department. More recently, Grenzebach has assumed a leading role in developing glass cutting by laser. Over 40 years’ experience in the design and manufacturing of glass production machinery places us in an ideal position to transfer this expertise to the photovoltaic industry.

 PES: Formed in 1960, your company has long been a leader in conveying and handling technology – how did the diversification into the photovoltaic sector come about?


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