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Emerson Inverters Delivered To 8-mw Solar Park In Thailand.

Emerson Industrial Automation, a business unit of Emerson (NYSE: EMR), has supplied inverters to a plant owned by Natural Energy Development Company (NED), Ltd, which officially opened its 8-MW extension project, Wang Ploeng Solar, earlier this year. Emerson inverters were chosen because of their multi-master modular architecture which enables the SPV to scale the inverter’s rated power capacity up and down to match demand, maintaining the inverter in its most efficient zone from early in the morning, until late in the day. Another key consideration was the excellent fault tolerance of Emerson inverters. Having up to 9 power modules per inverter improves fault tolerance because the modules can be rotated to allow the workload to be spread evenly, so any loss of power is restricted to only the affected modules.

Mr Chaiwut Saengpredekorn, Plant Manager, NED says “We chose Emerson inverters because of the enhanced power generation they offer. Emerson’s multi-master architecture was a real selling-point for us because it means that it is cost-efficient to start the inverter running much earlier in the morning, and continue it until much later in the evening than would be the case with a standard inverter, thus maximizing power generation.”

George Ow, Emerson Solar’s Business Director for Asia, added “Solar inverter technology is at the heart of all solar plants. Our cost efficient multi-master architecture can improve the profitability of any utility-scale PV operation. I am really pleased that NED has chosen to use Emerson’s products at Lopburi.”

Since 2011, Emerson has established itself as a leading supplier for utility scale inverters in Thailand and has also invested in a strong post-sales service and support offering in Thailand.

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