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Ecolux Inexpensive Ecological PV Recycling

What to do with all the waste during processing and at the end of life? This is a question we often ask ourselves in the industry. Loser Chemie is developing high quality recycling technologies especially for the photovoltaic industry. Dr. Wolfram Palitzsch tells us more….

The Loser Chemie GmbH (LC) was a chemical industry whose main business was in water chemistry. In recent months, Mr. Loser has restructured his company. He founded a holding and sold the aluminium and barium chemistry sections. In order to build and run a photovoltaic recycling turnkey system he bought a plant engineering company – TESOMA GmbH.

Loser believes that you can only expect a first-class solution from a specialist. Thus Tesoma has established a reputation for providing precisely that, especially in the handling of flat glass. The company ranks as an international market leader when it comes to drying and fixing. Tesoma develops and manufactures their dryer systems in exclusive cooperation with JRT Photovoltaics. The highest precision and optimised processes allow mean minimal breakage when producing solar wafers. Partnering with qualified market leaders gives the competitive edge along with the highest possible potential for photovoltaic modules. This venture is bringing the Loser group closer to the photovoltaic industry.