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DAS Solar will supply 75MW modules to the largest FPV in Europe

As a Tier 1 PV modules supplier, DAS Solar has signed a strategic cooperation agreement and will supply 75MW high-efficiency modules to Q ENERGY France, one of the leading renewable energy companies in France. The floating PV(FPV) project, currently under construction on the site of a former quarry in the Haute-Marne region of France, will be the largest floating power generation project Europe once completed.

The project is developed by Q ENERGY France, the French subsidiary of the leading European renewable energy company, Q ENERGY Solutions. Q ENERGY France has been developing, building and operating wind and photovoltaic projects for nearly quarter of century on the French market. .

Differing from traditional PV plants, all PV modules of FPV system are installed on floaters. In addition to preserving limited land resources, FPV systems will reduce water evaporation, improve water quality, reduce algae growth, and enhance the cooling effect on the water, increasing the PV plant’s electricity generation efficiency.

DAS Solar has previously demonstrated successful cases in the field of FPV, supplied modules for the 650 MW FPV project at Fuyang, covering an area over 2,141.5 acres, which is the largest FPV system worldwide. Currently, DAS Solar has achieved a total installed capacity for FPV system exceeding 800 MW.

In recent years, as a mature and rapidly growing PV market, the European region has consistently maintained high-speed growth. DAS Solar established its German subsidiary at the beginning of 2023, marking a significant milestone in global expansion. This collaboration agreement commits DAS Solar and Q ENERGY France to the shared mission of “collaborative success,” driving clean energy advancement in Europe together. In the future, DAS Solar will persist in its efforts to penetrate international markets and be dedicated to driving the global shift towards green energy transformation and advancement.