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DAS Solar obtains EPD Certification from EPD Italy

Recently, DAS Solar has successfully been evaluated and registered the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certification from EPD Italy for a full range of photovoltaic modules. This achievement will facilitate DAS Solar in expanding its international market footprint and making significant contributions to global green and sustainable development.

Based on ISO 14025 and EN 1584, the Environmental Product Declaration (EDP) is a Type III environmental declaration. Providing a high level of scientific rigor and international recognition, it involves evaluating and disclosing a product’s environmental impacts throughout its entire lifecycle.

During the EPD certification process, TÜV SÜD adopted the standard of the Italian EPD to conduct a life cycle assessment (LCA) of various DAS Solar products, including 72-cell N-type bifacial double glass modules, 54-cell N-type bifacial double glass modules, 72-cell P-type bifacial double glass modules, 72-cell P-type single-glass modules, and lightweight high-density modules. This report examines the environmental impact of each stage of DAS Solar’s photovoltaic modules, including raw material procurement, production, transportation, installation, recycling, and disposal. Following an assessment, multiple DAS Solar photovoltaic modules have successfully passed the test and registered EPD Italy certification.

DAS Solar is an internationalized new energy company committed to green and sustainable development. It actively responds to ESG objectives, continuously optimizes its operations, and deeply cultivates the technological domain. Additionally, DAS Solar drives innovation and breakthroughs in N-type technology, providing global customers with high-quality, clean, efficient, and sustainable products.

In addition to continuous technical optimization, DAS Solar has integrated low-carbon principles into its entire corporate process. Through resource integration and collaborative initiatives, DAS Solar leverages the pivotal role of key enterprises to champion the industry’s low-carbon transformation and promote green, sustainable development. The EPD certifications symbolize a pivotal advancement in DAS Solar’s globalization, empowering the company to surmount international green trade barriers and amplify its competitiveness and influence in the global market.