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DAS Solar news updated: DAS Solar partners with VDH Solar in the Netherlands to sign Solar module distribution agreement

During Intersolar Europe 2023, DAS Solar and VDH Solar from the Netherlands signed a module distribution agreement, marking the beginning of a new journey in the Dutch photovoltaic market.

As one of the largest markets in Europe, the Netherlands has made significant progress to the industry. According to research institutions, as of the end of 2022, the total installed capacity of photovoltaics in the Netherlands reached 18 GW, with an additional 4 GW installed in 2022, mainly in the form of distributed photovoltaics. Thanks to cost-effective logistics, the Netherlands acts as a transit hub for green energy products, distributing them to surrounding countries in the European region.

the Dutch government has implemented various incentive policies, making the photovoltaic market a development blue ocean for energy transformation. VDH Solar, one of the biggest and a well-known photovoltaic product distributor in the Netherlands, specializes in the trade of photovoltaic modules, inverters, batteries, solar mounting systems, and related supporting services. The company possesses extensive experience in the photovoltaic industry and has a convenient transportation network. (TBC)

In recent years, as a mature and rapidly growing photovoltaic market, the European region has consistently maintained high-speed growth. N-type products, known for the optimal cost-performance ratio, have been increasingly favored by customers. As a leader in N-type technology, DAS Solar actively implements overseas strategy. With its deepening presence in the European photovoltaic markets such as Germany and the Netherlands, the company is strengthening its global marketing system and bringing more and more high-efficiency N-type module products to every corner of the world.