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CWP Global and IDEEMATEC sign agreement to explore integration of new solar tracker technology for AMAN, Mauritania’s leading large-scale green hydrogen project

• The new collaboration will assess the feasibility to incorporate IDEEMATEC’s advanced solar tracker technology into one of the world’s largest renewable energy projects, located in Mauritania, north-west Africa.

• CWP Global’s 30 GW AMAN project is set to make Mauritania a green energy leader through large-scale renewable energy production and green hydrogen and derivatives export. A recent visit by EU leaders highlighted the enormous potential to use green hydrogen to make green iron and steel from Mauritania’s world class iron ore deposits.

• CWP and IDEEMATEC will explore the integration of IDEEMATEC’s L:TEC Solar Tracker technology to enhance the efficiency and output of AMAN’s massive solar energy deployment, to be used in combination with wind power generation.

Neusling, Germany, 13 March 2024. — CWP Global, a pioneer in developing large-scale renewable energy and green hydrogen hubs, recently inked an agreement with IDEEMATEC, to explore the integration of IDEEMATEC’s state-of-the-art L:TEC Solar Tracker technology into CWP Global’s AMAN project, an ambitious 30 GW renewable energy and green hydrogen project located in north-west Mauritania.

From initial production in around 2029, through to full scale in the second half of the 2030s, the project is expected to have a transformative impact on Mauritania’s economy, through sustainable energy production, potential new green industries and low-carbon exports, and the development of a highly-skilled labour force.

The new partnership with IDEEMATEC is part of CWP Global’s strategy to use best-in-class technology to optimise project efficiency, including both power yields and green hydrogen production.

At full scale, AMAN aims to generate 30 GW of green power, approximately half of which will be sourced from solar energy. IDEEMATEC’s cutting-edge L:TEC technology ensures that the higher the wind, the better the performance of solar arrays, thanks to its innovative and ultra-secure decoupled multiple-locking tube drive system.

The system has been meticulously tested and approved by third-party engineers, featuring a unique flat stowage strategy suited for demanding and dynamic environments, such as that in the Mauritanian desert.

IDEEMATEC is an exciting provider thanks to streamlined Tracker assembly methods, uniquely adaptable foundation designs, and the utilization of localized manufacturing to better guarantee quality and carbon footprint reduction due to their optimized supply chain.

“I am very happy that IDEEMATEC has the opportunity to become a partner in this amazing project, which is now progressing into its feasibility phase. The cooperation with CWP is an excellent basis to assess our technology on a grand scale, and study options for the efficient use of local resources in installation and production.

IDEEMATEC trackers can significantly benefit the entire value chain for hybrid wind and solar power plants, particularly at high-wind locations. Our technology reduces the use of steel while increasing wind resistance, and our smart stow strategy reduces wind-related stress, simultaneously increasing the lifetime of the solar modules and contributing to better power plant performance.” — Mario Eckl, Founder & CEO, IDEEMATEC Deutschland GmbH.

“We are thrilled to partner with IDEEMATEC on Project AMAN, a venture that aims not only to harness Mauritania’s world class renewables resources for pursuit of sustainable economic growth, but also to set a new standard for the integration of solar power and green hydrogen production,” said Guido Schumacher, CWP’s Chief Technology Officer. “This new collaboration aligns perfectly with our vision for large-scale hubs to accelerate the transition to renewable energy worldwide, and to leverage leading technologies to enhance project efficiency and resilience.”

About CWP Global

Building on its track record of successfully delivering leading portfolios of utility-scale wind and solar projects in both South-East Europe and Australia, CWP has broadened its vision over the last seven years to pursue development of six ultra-large-scale green hydrogen hubs in prime locations around the globe, featuring constant and abundant renewable energy resources alongside opportunities to deploy cheap green power and produce green fuels efficiently, such as green ammonia.

As it currently stands, CWP’s green hydrogen hub portfolio has a planned combined renewable power generation capacity of over 180 GW, which is roughly 10 times the generation capacity of the Three Gorges Dam in China, currently the world’s biggest power project. CWP’s portfolio includes the Australian Renewable Energy Hub (AREH), co-launched with InterContinental Energy in 2017. In 2022, AREH came under the operatorship of bp, with a vision to supply first green power to iron ore miners in the Pilbara region of North-West Australia by 2027.

If fully realized, CWP’s current portfolio of green hydrogen hubs is at a scale that could make a tangible contribution towards meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement, including achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 or sooner. According to the 2022 Breakthrough Agenda Report, co-authored by the IEA, IRENA and the UN High-Level Champions, green hydrogen could satisfy up to 20% of global energy demand by mid-Century, with some projecting a market value of about $850 billion by 2050.


IDEEMATEC is a global supplier of the most advanced solar tracker systems and innovative software solutions in utility-scale and distributed-generation solar projects worldwide.
With an international track record of 5.5 GW of trackers installed in 30 countries across six continents, IDEEMATEC trackers follow the sun in any time zone.

IDEEMATEC’s next-generation solar trackers enable solar panels (of all sizes) to follow the sun’s movement precisely and optimize PV-plant performance with a commitment to engineering precision, technological advancement, and environmental consciousness. Built as a modular technology, IDEEMATEC offers 1P and 2P tracker systems – L:TEC, the most powerful and flexible trackers on the global market. The patented multiple-locking system combined with IDEEMATEC’s signature decoupled drive technology is at the core of the design.

More than 15 years of experience in solar tracking and 80+ patents have made IDEEMATEC a trusted partner in global solar tracking. IDEEMATEC’s L:TEC trackers are recognized worldwide for their efficiency, durability, and scalability, making them suitable for projects of any size. The L:TEC trackers’ durability creates opportunities to build PV plants in challenging project conditions such as difficult terrain and extreme winds.

International investors and EPC services put their trust in outstanding German engineering quality with IDEEMATEC.

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