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Coming this June: a spectacular live virtual solar show

With the global health crisis of Covid-19 impacting the health and economic security of the world many industries are needing to modify the way they now do business, not just in the short term, but also for the foreseeable future. SolarEdge, a world-wide manufacturer of smart solar energy solutions, has announced it will be hosting a virtual solar show on June 16th-17th 2020. The two-day event is aimed at professionals within the PV industry and solar energy community.

The virtual conference and energy fair looks set to be a useful and informative way to update existing solar energy installers, PV system designers, investors and system owners. Although business markets are, to a degree, in a state of uncertainty at present, medium and long-term fiscal security predictions vary from country to country. The universal truth is that the importance of smart energy eco-systems continues to grow as the need for stable, renewable, and cost-effective clean energy grids move us towards the next phase of meeting commercial, industrial, and residential energy needs.

SolarEdge has been growing its presence in the PV industry since it began sales in 2010 and is now regarded as a global leader in technology and engineering development that places them at the cutting edge of smart solar energy. The company’s wide and diverse range of products offer the consumer a viable and trusted system for energy transformation and energy management. Such is the strength of its products. The company now employs in excess of 2640 employees globally, with more than 18.1 GW of systems supplied worldwide to 1,500,000 monitored systems located in over 130 countries.


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