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Come and join us at the shows!

It’s that time of the year. Are you ready for Intersolar Europe and Intersolar North America? PES brings you previews of two of the biggest solar shows. Be sure to come along and make the most of the opportunity to see the latest advance technology, the new players in the market, catch up with old favourites and network like crazy.

Smart, solar, sector coupling: Intersolar Europe 2018 showcases the future of modern energy supply. A sunny outlook for the European and global photovoltaics (PV) markets: Photovoltaics deployment of around 110 gigawatts is expected worldwide for 2018 – a significant step forward for PV. The European PV market too is sending out positive signals. New PV systems with a total output of at least 8.61 gigawatts were installed across the continent last year alone. According to the latest analysis by SolarPower Europe, this represents a 28 percent increase over 2016. Over 30 percent growth has been forecast for 2018 – alongside Germany, most notably in France, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain.

The PV market in Europe is primarily being driven by public tenders and power purchase agreements. The advantages of solar power self-consumption are also bolstering growth. In Spain and the Netherlands, 2018 will see deployment exceed one gigawatt for the first time.

Larger PV plants with a capacity of just under 4 GW, among other developments, are planned in Spain before the end of 2019. Behind these advances is the growing success of photovoltaics as an economical alternative to wind power in public tenders. Sunny days are also on the horizon for France, where solar power plants with a capacity of roughly 20 GW are to be set up by the year 2023.

In other nations such as Germany, PV has withstood a slump and is currently booming once again. In addition, increasing potential is visible in relatively young markets such as China – where the PV industry is currently driven by innovations, growth and a spirit of optimism.

For manufacturers, investors and distributors, the annual event Intersolar Europe, the world’s leading exhibition for the solar industry, is thus the ideal place to learn about the latest developments. Intersolar Europe 2018 will lead industry professionals into the energy world of tomorrow and highlight the opportunities and challenges that lie along the way.

Around 800 exhibitors will showcase their solutions for the production and distribution of electrical energy from June 20–22, 2018 in Munich. They will also focus on the coupling of the mobility, electricity and heating sectors and explore the prospects that this will create for the trading and selling of electricity. This unique and comprehensive overview is made possible by the premiere of ‘The smarter E’.

The new innovative platform brings the renowned exhibitions Intersolar Europe and ees Europe together under one roof with two new energy exhibitions, Power2Drive Europe and EM-Power, which from 2018 will highlight the topics of e-mobility and intelligent energy solutions. The new platform thus covers all core areas, in terms of both location and subject matter – from energy generation to storage and distribution to use.

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