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Collaboration and connectivity: a must for the future of energy

VARTA Storage has a growing network of partners, its most recent collaborations have been with EWE and innogy. VARTA Storage is focussing on the use and connectivity of energy storage systems in smart homes.

• Cooperation with EWE for myEnergyCloud: More independence from the electricity market

• Complete solution with innogy: Manage your own green electricity more flexibly

• Energy storage in smart homes: Focus on connectivity

• Energy monitor from Smappee shows savings potential

Advantages on all sides: EWE electricity community and VARTA Storage

The energy industry is undergoing a fundamental transformation, innovative concepts are in demand and collaborations are becoming increasingly important. The most recent example is the collaboration between VARTA Storage and the north German energy company EWE with EWE myEnergyCloud. Owners of private solar power systems in the electricity community can save their self-produced electricity like credits and retrieve it at any time.

Their photovoltaic system and the electricity storage system from VARTA Storage therefore make them independent of the electricity market. With EWE myEnergyCloud, specialist trade companies receive a service that gives them competitive advantages.

‘The collaboration between EWE and VARTA Storage is a double win-win situation. For example, the VARTA energy storage system in conjunction with EWE’s cloud solution makes customers even more energy self-sufficient, VARTA Storage is making its storage solution even more attractive, specialist trade companies are increasing their added value and EWE is strategically extending its customer base,’ explains Sebastian Jurczyk, Managing Director of EWE Vertrieb GmbH.

Complete solution with innogy

At Intersolar Europe, VARTA Storage presented its new collaboration with innogy. The energy provider has launched a complete package consisting of twelve high-performance modules, the corresponding inverter and a VARTA energy storage system with a capacity of 3.3 kilowatt-hours.

The complete solution enables users to utilise most of their own solar power in the home. This reduces the power consumed from the grid and noticeably reduces electricity bills. The innogy energy manager enables electrical devices to be operated as often as possible with electricity from users’ own solar power systems. To achieve this, the energy manager analyses the domestic electricity consumption around the clock and checks location-based weather forecasts.

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