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Boosting IRR with innovative solutions

Project developers make huge financial investments in their solar parks. They therefore need to be sure that they are investing in the right products – products that are innovative, durable and reliable, guaranteeing maximum power output, year after year after year. As a renowned materials supplier, DSM offers several advanced solar solutions, which now also include fluorine-free durable backsheets and an innovative anti-soiling coating. The latter innovation in particular aims to help project developers and investors boost their internal rate of return (IRR). PES meets up again with Jan Grimberg, Business Director DSM Advanced Solar, to talk about recent trends in the industry and the company’s latest launches in the solar market.

PES: Could you briefly introduce DSM and the role it plays in the solar industry?

Jan Grimberg: DSM is a globally operating science-based company that focuses on health, nutrition and materials. We’re active in renewable energy in a number of fields, with DSM Advanced Solar focusing specifically on developing technologies and materials that increase the efficiency, stability and sustainability of solar modules at every stage of the value chain.

We have been the leading player in anti-reflective coatings for a while and we’ve recently launched a new anti-soiling coating for PV solar glass, which will bring significant benefits in terms of energy output and more cost-effective maintenance of solar parks. Another interesting recent development is our acquisition of Sunshine, a Chinese manufacturer of innovative high-performance PV backsheets based on co-extrusion technology.

The entrepreneurial spirit of Sunshine combined with DSM’s extensive experience and expertise in polymers, material processing and material sciences will undoubtedly lead to more new and exciting solar products. As a result, DSM is more than ready to use all its innovative power and expertise to help take the solar industry to the next level.

PES: In your view, what have been the most important developments and trends in the solar business over the past year?

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