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Atlas Copco Singapore collaborates with NEFIN and other providers to launch the comprehensive ESG programme “Go Green” to develop one of the most sustainable offices in Singapore

04 December 2023, Singapore: Atlas Copco Singapore today announced the launch of its Go Green Singapore campaign, a commitment towards driving sustainability within its Singapore Customer Center located at Tuas Avenue. The campaign involves collaborations with established sustainable technology providers where they focus on minimising the environmental impact of their operations. The first of many green initiatives announced today are the installation of a rooftop solar system through the collaboration with NEFIN, transitioning their company’s vehicle fleet to electric vans and a rainwater harvesting project.

The Go Green campaign aligns with the company’s goal of reducing Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions by 46%, and 28% from Scope 3 during the period of 2019 to 2030. This would also mark Atlas Copco (Singapore) joining the group’s international headquarters in their efforts towards contributing to the group’s plan in attaining their sustainable goal.

For many years, we have been focusing on manufacturing energy efficiency products. We’ve also designed a virtual showroom showcasing our finest sustainable innovations to help our clients kickstart their journey to sustainability. In unison with the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and Paris Agreement, Singapore’s commitment to achieving the global goal is emphasised in its Green Plan. Hence, the decision to promote sustainable practices with trusted sustainable energy providers, like NEFIN, comes rather intuitively,’ mentions Horst Wasel, Vice President of Atlas Copco Holding Southeast Asia and Oceania.

The potential to offset 3,783 tonnes of carbon emissions through the adoption of carbon-neutral solutions with NEFIN

Atlas Copco’s Singapore Customer Center is powered by nearly 70% green energy with the 12-year power purchase agreement (PPA) with NEFIN. The solar system capacity of 169kWp, with over 300 solar panels, is successfully installed by NEFIN and their EPC partners GAE and Saxon Renewables. It can potentially generate 2,289MWh of clean energy over the contract period and is expected that 3,783 tonnes of carbon emissions would be offset, an equivalent of 18,914 trees planted, with this collaboration that would further cement Atlas Copco’s commitment towards reducing its carbon footprint.

“We are exceptionally excited to be supporting Atlas Copco’s inspiring efforts of promoting sustainability in Singapore. Our collaboration with them comes naturally as both companies have a similar goal of achieving carbon neutrality to mitigate climate change. As we continue to embark on this journey with Atlas, NEFIN is closer to succeeding in its mission of growing our footprint in Asia to become a trusted partner in sustainability,” comments Glenn Lim, CEO of NEFIN Group.

Fostering a stronger green culture with rainwater harvesting systems and electronic vehicles

Singapore presents a unique challenge whereby water supply to the city-state is limited. With the local national water agency expecting the total water demand to be doubled by 2065, reduction of water consumption amongst industrial players should be prioritised. As such, the rainwater harvesting project, partnering with Hydro Dynamic Engineering, aims to efficiently collect, store, filter and distribute rainwater to reduce their reliance on traditional water sources.

“We applaud Atlas Copco for their commitment to sustainability as they choose our rainwater harvesting tanks. By incorporating our eco-friendly solutions, Atlas Copco not only demonstrates environmental responsibility but also contributes to a more sustainable future. Together, we aim to make a lasting impact on water conservation and inspire others to join the movement toward a greener planet,” said Mr. Patrick Tan, Managing Director of Hydro Dynamic Engineering.

Following their goal of turning 90% of the company’s vehicle fleet into electric vans (EV) by the third quarter of 2024, nine EVs have been signed by the global group this year and they are expecting to raise the number of EVs to twelve or more by next year. Additionally, to encourage and better support employees to switch to EVs, two AC chargers were installed by one of the leading EV charging operators in Singapore, eChargz, within Atlas Copco’s premises. They are also provided with cards from Shell Singapore to make use of the charging stations at selected locations.

“We are proud to be selected by Atlas Copco to tailor the EV charging infrastructure at their premise. We are happy to see businesses such as Atlas Copco making a positive environmental impact by reducing their carbon footprint through e-mobility, which can be rewarding by attracting like-minded customers who are increasingly concerned about sustainability efforts,” said Benjamin Chua, General Manager of eChargz.

“With the industrial and buildings sector collectively contributing 45% of primary carbon emissions in Singapore, we are committed to improving our practices within our internal operations to join Singapore in their efforts in their long-term goal of net zero carbon emissions. Especially with us supporting customers in more than 180 countries, ensuring that our operational practices, whether small or large, promote sustainability is of the utmost importance,” concludes Horst.