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AEROCOMPACT optimizes COMPACTFLAT SN mounting system for PV installation on flat roofs

Satteins, Austria, Feb. 01, 2023. Austrian PV racking expert AEROCOMPACT has launched a rail-based mounting system – COMPACTFLAT SN 2 – for all common module sizes, including large-area solar modules up to 2.384 m x 1.303 m. The system is an optimized version of its predecessor, COMPACTFLAT SN, and is equally suitable for mounting framed PV modules on concrete, bitumen, foil and gravel roofs. AEROCOMPACT designed it for solar installations facing south or east/west with a tilt angle of 10°. “More variants of the SN 2 will follow at the end of the year so that we can meet all customer requirements with one system,” says AEROCOMPACT product manager Philipp Pejcl.

“Since module sizes are constantly growing, manufacturers of mounting systems are faced with the challenge of developing reliable and cost-effective racks that not only withstand heavy snow and wind loads, but can also be installed quickly. We have succeeded in this with COMPACTFLAT SN 2,” emphasizes Markus Burger, head of development at AEROCOMPACT. The new system has statically optimized feet, giving it convincing high load-bearing capacity to withstand extreme snow and wind loads. Thanks to the modular principle, installers can complete both cost-optimized small projects and time-optimized large projects with the company’s racking system. Philipp Pejcl emphasizes the advantage of low inventory: “Whether large or small – no matter which project size – you always have the same products in stock.” Furthermore, only one fitter is required for installation since AEROCOMPACT delivers all components pre-assembled, depending on the requirements of the module size. “This saves costs and time during assembly,” explains the product manager.

Short-side and long-side clamping possible

The system’s rail cross connectors can also be used as ballast supports. Since they can be continuously adjusted to the module length, pre-assembly is quick and easy even without modules. A pre-assembled foot rocker can be adjusted variably to the correct angle – depending on the module width. Spring elements hold the foot rocker in position and make it easy to position the PV module. Two grooves enable short-side and long-side clamping and provide tolerance compensation in the assembly.

Since it can be set up in many ways, the system is adaptable to any project size and requirement. The two clamping variants can be combined with three rail shoring options – short, connected and long. AEROCOMPACT has integrated the racking system into its Aerotool planning and engineering tool. The company provides a 25-year warranty.