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A sunny outlook with CIGS and HJT

The chase for higher efficiencies means that companies are developing and improving technologies all the time. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Rinck, CEO at SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES, dropped in to PES to tell us about their new developments in CIGS and the new heterojunction cell technology (HJT).

PES: Welcome to PES Solar/PV magazine. Would you like to begin by explaining a little about the background of your organisation and how you currently serve the solar/PV industry?

Dr.-Ing. Stefan Rinck: Singulus Technologies was founded in 1995 and started with replication and sputtering systems for the media industry. Our company has over 8000 sputtering systems in the market all over the world. In 2007, we acquired the solar company Stangl which was a leading company in wet chemical processing for solar & semiconductor.

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES consistently expanded the solar business. Our goal is to attain a leading position in the crystalline and thin-film solar technology as a machine supplier as well as a development partner for new cell concepts.

In the thin-film solar cell technology, SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES mainly focusses on the CIS/CIGS-technology. Here, we distinguish ourselves through a combination of proprietary process know-how and our high-tech plant engineering knowledge. In crystalline cell technology, we focus on heterojunction, PERC/PERL, IBC and certainly on all standard cell formats.

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