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A mobile concept

We all know how important, yet difficult it can be to keep solar panels clean. Various improvements have been made over the years and now
PV Cleaning has made a significant improvement with a new mobile brush concept. PES brings you their range of easily adaptable solutions.

Heavy dirt build-up on photovoltaic cells can reduce the yield significantly. SunBrush mobile was developed to remove dirt, bird droppings, and dust from roof and open-field installations.

This solar cleaning system, with its mobile cleaning brushes, can use lime-free rainwater or tap water treated with SunBrush blue additive or, in desert regions, no water at all. Even snow and ice pose no problems to these high efficiency devices.

The systems can, for example, be hydraulically operated from a standard tractor, digger, or telescopic loader. Conversions or structural modifications of the carrier vehicle are not necessary. The broom is able to adjust to meet any of the topographic and technical challenges arising in any solar parks.

After an initial one-time calibration, the actual cleaning process is controlled from a joystick. The surface pressure setting on the module is fully automated. SunBrush Mobil is a flexible system solution, comprised of hydraulically propelled cleaning brushes of varying lengths and a water tank, with a pump. This can be mounted on the back of a utility vehicle for wet cleaning projects.

The cleaning brushes are mounted in a boom system and are made from a UV-resistant plastic (Polyethylene), which was specifically developed for cleaning glass. This guarantees a long lifespan whilst, at the same time, preventing damage to the solar modules. Renowned solar-module manufacturers have certified the entire range of SBM brushes, therefore they are suitable for professional applications

Product Range

SunBrush Mobil ‘Compact’: enclosed gearbox and optimized hydraulic steering.

The SunBrush, proven and tested over many years, has been further improved in the SBM. The new model has a closed construction and a protected machine head, thus ensuring protection from sand, dust, and moisture. As a consequence, the cleaning solution requires less maintenance.

Additionally, the manufacturer has refined the design of the hydraulic steering to make the operation easier and more precise. The machine is also more compact, with a reduced width and height that gives the operator an optimal field of vision over the module to be cleaned. The SunBrush mobile ‘compact’ has the patented Washtronic, which holds the brush pressure at the desired setting.

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