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The top football teams in England are producing more than 400,000,000 grams of Co2 emissions from travelling alone, a new study by SlotsUp revealed.

Football teams spend a lot of travelling across the country and around the world. While FIFA and UEFA have committed to reducing emissions, transport remains an important challenge for football’s effort to become more sustainable. But which teams produce the most Co2? The researchers at SlotsUp crunched the numbers to find out!


According to the research, Manchester United ranked as the top carbon emission culprit, travelling a total of 94,460 miles over the last five years, producing 442,540,647g of Co2 – which is equivalent to charging 53,831,815 mobile phones.

Arsenal landed in second place travelling 87,421 miles, which has produced an estimated 395,927,662g of Co2. Following in third place is Liverpool, the team has travelled 73,739 miles and has generated approximately 331,124,764g of carbon emissions from travel alone.

How did the other teams stack up? Find out below…

Top 10 teams with the highest carbon footprint: 

  1. Manchester United – 442,540,647g of Co2
  2. Arsenal – 395,927,662g
  3. Liverpool – 331,124,764g
  4. Tottenham – 312,509,041g
  5. Man City – 273,870,461g
  6. Chelsea – 268,166,697g
  7. Leicester – 144,494,171g
  8. Wolves – 124,791,359g
  9. Everton – 117,838,490g
  10. Southampton – 101,186,270g