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Somont wins industry award for innovative new soldering table – CONSOL

Somont GmbH, a company within the Meyer Burger Technology Ltd group has won the Solar Industry Award 2011 in the category „PV Process Improvement”. The specialist in solar cell connection technology has been recognised for its new soldering table for the semi-automatic connection of solar cells. Module manufacturers will be able to save valuable time and costs using the innovative new soldering table which is sold under the product name CONSOL.

The new soldering table CONSOL is a self-contained soldering station at which materials can be tested under conditions similar to those of actual production, since the soldering unit is identical to those on Somont stringers. Thanks to its compact size and economical price, Somont’s new table is suitable for use in any laboratory or development unit. Newly developed technology and/or materials can be tested and subsequently verified on the stringer much more quickly than was previously possible. This results in a significant reduction of time and costs in terms of the equipment and production capacity required for development processes.

The soldering table CONSOL won the Solar Industry Award 2011 in the category „PV Process Improvement”. The award is an initiative of “Solar – A PV Management Magazine” and honours innovative production processes and product innovations in the photovoltaic industry. The award will be presented today as part of the 26th EUPVSEC exhibition in Hamburg, Germany.


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