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Solstis SA & International Olympic Committee win Swiss Solar Prize – for project powered with SolarEdge Technology

Leading PV installer Solstis SA, together with Olympic House, headquarters to the International Olympic Committee (IOC), have been announced as the winners of the prestigious Swiss Solar Prize 2020 award in the “Individuals and Institutions” category. The prize was awarded for the installation of a 179.10 kWp SolarEdge solar system on its roof. Taking place in Aarau on October 20th, the award recognizes organizations, companies and individuals committed to the proliferation of solar energy across Europe.

As part of the its commitment to a cleaner, greener world, Olympic House is mostly powered by renewable energy, part of which is produced on site thanks to heat pumps and the SolarEdge system. Solstis SA overcame a unique set of design challenges because of the buildings’ particular dove-shaped roof, selecting SolarEdge inverters and power optimizers in order to overcome and minimize power loss that would typically occur when installing modules at different tilts and orientations. In addition, each SolarEdge power optimizer automatically maintains a fixed string voltage, giving Solstis SA even greater flexibility to design this one-of-kind PV system with longer strings and strings of different lengths.

SolarEdge’s DC Optimized technology was also selected since it is designed to mitigate potential fire and electrical safety issues. The embedded safety measures, including SafeDC™ and arc fault detection and interruption for the prevention of electrical fires, gave the IOC additional peace of mind, especially important when the safety of people and property are involved.