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Single source solution for the global renewable energy market

Sicme Motori and EEI are planning to present their revolutionary Twind solution at Windpower 2009. The application is the result of extensive engineering and marketing cooperation between two of the leaders in the global energy market and is designed specifically to provide a single-source electrical conversion solution for energy production from renewable sources.


At the heart of every turbine is the electrical system that converts mechanical energy into electricity for the distribution grid. High efficiency and reliability are the primary criteria for selecting the correct electrical system. And because of the respective proficiencies developed over many years experience in the renewable energy market, SM and EEI have combined their technological expertise to offer an integrated, competitive and ultra- reliable solution.

Twind combines a multi-polar permanent magnet synchronous generator to convert kinetic energy from renewable sources into electrical energy, and a static conversion control to transfer this energy to the distribution grid.

Twind includes the following features:

* Power ratings up to 3MW
* High reliability
* Much longer production up-time
* Direct-drive, low maintenance, gearless solution
* High efficiency at all operating speeds
* Minimal cogging torque at low speeds
* Small space requirements
* Minimal polluting oils
* Fast ROI
* Full guarantee covering the entire system

See the Twind solution at WINDPOWER 2009 (Chicago, IL USA); www.twind.it