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Renewables results in UK regions

A government survey of energy trends in the UK has revealed that Scotland generates twice as much wind energy as England.

The quarterly survey, published by the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform throws up a number of interesting statistics in relation to renewables in the UK.


And while Scotland has greater renewables generating capacity than England, England actually generates more electricity from renewables than Scotland. This is because biofuels based capacity (the most common source in England) is used more intensively than hydro and wind (which predominate in Scotland).

In Wales generation from wind was three times the generation from natural flow hydro, and Wales generates more electricity from wind than any English region. In 2007 Scotland generated almost twice as much electricity from wind as England did, and three times as much as Wales

In England the regions with the largest generation from wind in 2007 (including offshore wind with landfall in that region) were the North West, the East, and the South East, while the same three regions also had the largest generation from landfill gas.