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Prestigious Idtechex Printed Electronic Award 2014 For Best Technical Development Manufacturing Awarded To Meyer Burger Group

During the international Printed Electronics USA exhibition and conference from 19 – 20 November in Santa Clara CA, Roth & Rau B.V. was recognised with the IDTechEx Printed Electronic Award 2014 for “Best Technical Development Manufacturing”.

Roth & Rau B.V. (The Netherlands), a member of Meyer Burger Technology Ltd (SIX Swiss Exchange: MBTN), was honoured with the IDTechEx Printed Electronics Award 2014 for “Best Technical Development Manufacturing” during the Printed Electronics show in Santa Clara, CA, USA. Printed Electronics USA is the world’s largest event for printed, organic and flexible electronics. Meyer Burger Group member Roth & Rau B.V.’s outstanding achievement in designing, building and installing multiple complete manufacturing lines based on their PiXDRO functional inkjet printing technology was recognised by the award committee with the prestigious industry award.

The Technical Development Manufacturing award recognises the most significant development of a manufacturing device, process or production plant in the industry over the last 24 months. The award jury acknowledged that Roth & Rau’s manufacturing developments optimise the process of mass-scale production by improving productivity, quality, reliability, uniformity, and scale. The jury recognized all these improvements in the award winning project enabled by such key features as multiple print head arrays with integrated UV curing modules, high print speed, high resolution printing, and integrated product handling. A number of important innovations such as automatic nozzle redundancy strategies combined with integrated post-print inspection feedback for process control and yield improvement were also taken into account by the jury.

Printed, flexible and organic electronics is an innovative and rapidly growing field within the electronics manufacturing industry launching products such as flexible displays, wearable electronics and smart packages – products that are changing our lives. Roth & Rau is a key player in the printed electronics market supplying R&D and manufacturing tools based on its PiXDRO functional inkjet printing technology and FLEx plasma expertise. Inkjet offers precise and contactless printing of functional materials such as conductive, dielectric, adhesive and masking inks onto flexible substrates. The technology is also increasingly finding its way into more traditional manufacturing of electronic modules and devices such as PCB’s, semiconductors, solar cells and touch screens leading to miniaturization and cost reduction. Roth & Rau plasma tools offer excellent solutions for thin film deposition in applications as encapsulating barrier films for flexible OLED or organic photovoltaics and manufacturing of flexible batteries. The technology also offers dry resist stripping processes, a greener and more precise alternative to wet chemical stripping.

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