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Patriot Solar Group Introduces Single-axis Trackers and New Tracking Controllers

Manufactured in the USA, our horizontal tracking systems are great for residential and commercial-scale solar energy installations. Modular systems come in 2.5 kW up to utility-scale sizes. The modular rails fit most available commercial photovoltaic panels.
Our horizontal tracking systems include:
• Single-axis Trackers
• High-wind Fixed Horizontal Systems
• Ground Mounts
Motorized horizontal systems come equipped with our new SunScout Controllers tracking systems. This allows the solar pv panels to track the sun’s path across the sky.
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Patriot Solar Group introduces its new line of tracking controllers, SunScout Controllers. SunScout Controllers come equipped on motorized horizontal single-axis trackers and dual-axis trackers.

All Patriot Solar controllers are easy to install and work with
many types of encoders and actuators.
To learn more, please contact us at: (517) 629-9292 or info@patriotsolargroup.com