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Nordex installs first N163/5.X turbine

Hamburg, 1 September 2021 On August 31st 2021, the Nordex Group installed the first N163/5.X turbine of the Delta4000 series as planned in the citizen wind farm “Janneby” in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. With its approx. 80-metre rotor blades and a rotor sweep of 20,867 square metres, the N163/5.X is currently the most efficient Nordex turbine in the 5MW class for moderate and light-wind sites.

José Luis Blanco, CEO of the Nordex Group: “We launched the N163/5.X in 2019. Now we have installed the first turbine as planned and series production is ready to start. To date we already have orders for the N163/5.X for 520 turbines with a capacity of approx. 3.0 GW from numerous customers for projects in Australia, Brazil, the Nordic region, Germany and Italy. This once again underlines the high level of confidence in the turbine technology of our Delta4000 series with its variable maximum capacity, which has been available since 2017.

For the global markets, the N163/5.X has already been awarded international IEC certification in the form of a Design Evaluation Conformity Statements, DECS, for hub heights of 118, 148 and 159 metres. For the German market, the type tests according to DIBT 2012 have already been passed for hub heights of 118 and 164 metres.

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