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Nabrawind introduces BladeRunner, a system that drastically reduces the cost of blade replacement and installation operations

The system is crane-free and can be used for blades up to 80 meters long

BladeRunner, the new blade installation and de-installation system developed and patented by Nabrawind Technologies, reduces the cost of blade replacement by 70% compared to maintenance operations carried out with cranes. The Spanish company’s new product is applicable to all types of blades up to 80 meters long and has been successfully validated in a maneuver carried out at a wind farm owned by the French developer Innovent in Bignan (France).

During the manoeuvre in France, which consisted of replacing a damaged blade with a new one, all the advantages that the BladeRunner will bring to the blade maintenance and installation sector were confirmed.

First of all, the logistics of the BladeRunner are very simple. Its small dimensions and low weight (not exceeding 1.000 kilograms) allow it to be transported in a van, so it can be moved with great agility.

Only a team of four people is required to operate it, and they are capable of replacing a blade or assembling a complete rotor in just three days.

The system is based on the installation of small equipment on the hub of the wind turbine, which is used to directly manipulate the blade, which ascends and descends in a vertical position. The system is connected directly to the inserts or T-Bolts of the blade root, which avoids exerting force on its aerodynamic surface, eliminating the risk of cracks appearing in the handling area, which are becoming increasingly critical as the blades grow in weight and size.

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