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Leading the way to grid parity

Detlev Koch, Head of Solar Thin Film, Oerlikon Solar.
For the PV industry, this is a time of optimism, historic economic potential and technological progress – and unprecedented challenges. But governments and the private sector alike are betting on our industry to meet the challenges and supply an increasingly larger share of the world’s future electricity needs.


We are at the very beginning of a revolution in the energy market, similar to the dawn of the new age experienced about 30 years ago in the semiconductor industry with the adoption of the integrated circuit

says Oerlikon Solar CEO Jeannine Sargent.

Government incentives and the infusion of capital into the photovoltaic (PV) industry from private investors, with their own set of hopes and expectations, stem from the realisation that PV energy production will be a critical factor in lowering the world’s dependence on fossil fuels and ameliorating climate change…

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