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Intersolar 2014 Teamtechnik Sets The Pace New Stringer Tt 1600solders A Cell Every 225 Seconds

Freiberg/Germany, Tuesday, April 22, 2014: teamtechnik, world-leading manufacturer of stringer systems, will be presenting its latest generation of high-performance stringers on Stand A3.480 at this year’s Intersolar trade fair. The TT1600 power stringer, which is completely new to the market, is based on the TT 1200HS, which was noted for its fast operation. The TT1600, with 45 MWp performance, is even quicker, with an output rate of 200 cycles more than its predecessor. The new single-track system connects a solar cell in less than 2.25 seconds.

With 1600 cycles per hour on one track and with reliable 24/7 production, the Stringer TT1600 guarantees output at a level that has never been achieved before. “Only systems with dual soldering lines operate at these speeds. We lead the world with our single-track system. This holds true for the speed of the systems and their availability,” reported Axel Riethmüller, teamtechnik Group’s Executive Vice President Solar Technology. This speed record could only be achieved through ongoing development work on the individual process steps, and the use of the very latest control and drive technology.

At present, teamtechnik’s main markets for its stringer systems are in Asia. Axel Riethmüller also sees potential opportunities for the new production systems in Europe: “Unlike in Asia, which is a “boom” market, customers in Europe, including south Eastern Europe, generally invest in upgrades and replacements. For this reason, local solar module manufacturers are interested in the technologies that work quickest. We have also noticed a trend towards extending existing production sites and locating new ones, in southern Europe, in particular.”

Producing solar cell strings on a single track increases the throughput on each soldering process. Defined and tested processes ensure that quality remains high, and keep breakage rates down. A single track also requires far fewer spare parts and operators than a dual-track system. This also cuts production costs.
Speed is one of the strengths of the teamtechnik Group. It guarantees that it will supply its systems quickly, even if large numbers are required. “We can supply five stringers per week, equivalent to 250 MW performance, so our customers can have even major projects in production in just a few weeks. This applies both to individual stringer production systems, and to our 90 MW complete systems, which consist of two TT1600 stringers and a layup,” affirmed Axel Riethmüller. teamtechnik is represented by its own subsidiaries in the world’s major markets, ensuring fast ramp-up times for installation and commissioning. teamtechnik has supplied over 500 high-performance systems around the world.

Based in Freiberg/Germany, teamtechnik has been developing and building intelligent and reliable automation solutions for the solar and medical technology and automotive sectors for over 35 years. With their focus on assembly and testing, the systems are distinguished by their modular and standardized process-oriented structure. teamtechnik is considered an international leader in highly flexible automation technology. The senior management team has set a sales target of €150 million for the current business year. The company employs 850 people around the world. The majority of the workforce are engineers and highly qualified specialists. The teamtechnik Group has branches in Germany, Poland, China, Korea and the USA.
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