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Global Solar Energy Expands Management Team with Jean-Noel Poirier

Global Solar Energy, Inc., a leading manufacturer of high-efficiency Copper Indium Gallium diSelenide (CIGS) solar material and the only company in large scale production of CIGS on a flexible substrate, today announced Jean-Noel Poirier as the company’s new vice president of marketing and business development. Mr. Poirier will lead Global Solar’s sales, marketing, business development and product management efforts, to support the successful execution of the company’s technology roadmap and corporate strategy.

Mr. Poirier replaces Timothy Teich, who was appointed the new vice president of operations earlier this year. Prior to joining Global Solar Energy, Mr. Poirier served as vice president of market development at First Solar Inc., a producer of thin-film photovoltaic modules. Prior to First Solar, Mr. Poirier was with Honeywell International, where he held several leadership positions including most recently, vice president of global marketing for the Honeywell Security Group, a 3B division, and director of worldwide marketing for Honeywell Turbo Technologies, a high growth company within Honeywell. Prior to Honeywell International, Mr. Poirier served as sales leader at SMB, a subsidiary of the Dehon Group in Europe, a leading conditioner and distributor of specialty chemicals.

“Jean-Noel’s experience in product development, sales and marketing coupled with his understanding of the global solar industry will be incredibly valuable to the future growth and success of Global Solar,” said, Dr. Jeffrey Britt, president and CEO of Global Solar Energy. “We look forward to start Jean-Noel’s contributions to direct our marketing and development efforts. His leadership at Global Solar is integral to ensuring we continue being a technology innovator in the emerging building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) industry.”

Mr. Poirier is also a founder of the advisory firm, NextRound Venture Partners LLC., and continues to advise early stage companies including MachFlow Energy Inc., ElectroMotive LLC., the Triana Group, and sits on the advisory board of the Executive Program of the New York City Accelerator for a Clean and Renewable Economy at Polytechnic Institute of New York University. Mr. Poirier holds an MBA from the Kellogg graduate School of Management, Northwestern University, as well as a B.S. in Applied Economics and a B.S. in Management Sciences from the University of Paris Dauphine.

“Global Solar Energy has made tremendous strides for CIGS, establishing the solar technology as one of the most efficient and viable PV options in the industry,” said Poirier. “One of the most interesting areas of solar is BIPV, a breakthrough approach to integrating solar material into building products and design, and an area where Global Solar’s CIGS flexible cells are uniquely suited to succeed. This is a truly exciting time to join Global Solar and the company’s seasoned, passionate team, as they are poised for dramatic growth in the coming years.”

Mr. Poirier’s appointment to Global Solar, and Mr. Teich’s new role on the executive team, come at the heels of important technology milestones for the company. Last month, Global Solar Energy recently became the first manufacturer to exceed 13 percent module efficiency of a thin film on a flexible substrate. This benchmark underscores Global Solar’s technical achievements as well as advances the CIGS sector.

About Global Solar Energy, Inc.

Global Solar Energy, Inc., is a solar industry leader that manufactures highly-efficient thin-film solar cells for glass module or flexible material products. Global Solar is the only Copper Indium Gallium diSelenide (CIGS) manufacturer in full-scale production on a flexible substrate and has achieved eleven percent average solar cell efficiency. Its thin-film CIGS strings are not dependent on silicon and instead use highly-available raw materials that are easily integrated into a wide range of applications for use in commercial, residential, utility-scale and government products. For more information, please visit www.globalsolar.com

Via Global Solar Energy Inc.