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FloDesign’s wind turbine takes wind energy technology to the next level

FloDesign Wind Turbine Co. has put the rest of the wind turbine manufacturing industry on notice. They will be a major player in wind power technology for years to come if all the numbers hold up. The Obama administration said the clean energy economy will be led by small businesses, FloDesign Wind Turbine is the perfect example. A spin off of its larger parent FloDesign. The company is led by Stanley Kowalski III, a mechanical engineer.

Why does this wind turbine have people excited? Beside the fact it makes the old 3 blade wind turbines look like windmills, it’s 2 to 3 times more efficient. Using a combination of smaller blades with vents set up to create a vortex as air passes through vent slots. The company used their expertise in jet engine technology to create a master piece.

It’s smaller than the old wind turbines and does not cost as much to build. The game changer is that it produces more energy with less wind speed. That’s the vortex factor that has wind developers drooling. So much, that the company has investors lining up. From MIT to the latest deal involving the state of Mass.. Governor Patrick quickly put a plan together to keep the company in Mass.. Since the company already had roots in the state and the intellectual resources available, it might be a natural fit.

The company is establishing a new corporate headquarters and product development center in the historic Waltham Watch Factory in addition to maintaining its aerodynamic research center in Wilbraham. The company also intends to assemble its first wind turbines in Massachusetts.
“FloDesign has been recognized for its ‘transformative’ technology by U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu, and I am pleased to see this innovative Massachusetts company choosing to stay and grow right here, creating jobs and helping Massachusetts show the nation and the world the way toward a clean energy economy,” said Governor Patrick.

The company is playing it close to the vest while they get the business model worked out. Just in passing over the math the company has my investment guided senses tingling. I’m kicking myself for not going into physics. These guys didn’t reinvent the wheel with this new jet engine like wind turbine design. They didn’t have to. They tweaked the wheel.

The most important interaction they resolved was also the most fundamental, the aerodynamic inflow/rotor interaction in the wind turbine. Their innovative system of vents increased energy capture capability.Making the wind turbine much more efficient in its use of wind resource
Timing is everything, FloDesign’s new wind turbine is right on time. There not trading their stock in the public market yet but keep your ears open for an IPO.