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Finns agree to massive wind farm expansion

Finland is the latest country to approve the development for wind farm parks in key catchment areas close to coastlines and the sea.

The Finnish Government has agreed to build a number of wind power plants over the next ten years with the aim of generating about 2000 megawatts of wind power by 2020. In principle about 1,000 wind turbines would be needed to produce that much power.


The proposal calls for development of wind parks in key catchment areas such as coastlines and near the sea, to accommodate the large numbers of turbines needed. The proposal is part of government’s climate and energy strategy that is currently being hammered out.

Boosting wind power requires other supporting programmes, such as so-called input tariffs, which are expected to be approved in principle during the autumn.

Government’s climate and energy strategy working group has been divided on the question of Finland’s future wind power needs.

The amount currently agreed on has failed to meet the expectations of the Green League, but is also more than the quantity proposed by the National Coalition Party.

The working group has failed to reach agreement on amping up nuclear-generated power in Finland.