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DEK Solar introduces ECN delegates to latest advances in print-on-print technology

DEK Solar Senior Process Development Specialist, Tom Falcon, recently presented the company’s latest advances in print-on-print (PoP) technology to assembled delegates at a metallization workshop organised by the Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN). During the workshop, Falcon outlined the findings of a major research project conducted by the mass imaging specialist along with associated opportunities for solar cell metallization.

DEK’s Senior Process Development Specialist presented the PoP paper to around 200 industry professionals, customers and academics. The two-day event in Germany was designed to showcase Research & Development from universities, institutes and industry in the field of metallization for crystalline silicon solar cells. Commenting on the significance of his presentation, Falcon explains: “Print-on-Print itself is not a new idea; but the implementation of this technique in a high volume manufacturing environment requires much more than an accurate printing machine. It requires an optimised process with each print operation finely tuned for maximum performance, both individually and in combination. What’s more, this must be repeatable over many thousands of wafers. Our new research outlines the development of a successful PoP process to show how we can deliver a measurable and consistent improvement over a single print for dramatically improved productivity.”


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