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Bladefence makes a new investment to expand its fleet of WP Systems suspended platforms

Bladefence Group, the leading blade repair company in both North Europe and North America, has confirmed a significant investment in WP Systems suspended platforms. This investment continues the cooperation between the companies, that have worked together since 2020. With its new order, Bladefence invests in several new Terra 1.1 and Aer 1.1 platforms, which are going to be used in projects both in Europe and North America.

“This significant investment not only strengthens our European fleet of suspended platforms but gives us the opportunity to be the first major player utilizing suspended platforms in the United States”, comments Bladefence CEO Kimmo Kohtamäki. He continues: “We have seen that the suspended platforms are the most cost-effective way to repair blades in the 4+ MW range, where even the largest MEWPs do not reach. Our cooperation with WP Systems has convinced us that their products are best suited to provide our technicians the means to access the blade safely and provide the best work environment possible for efficient repairs.”

Matthias Boock, the CEO of WP Systems, comments: “Reliable, modern blade access systems are becoming more and more important. We are pleased that Bladefence will continue to rely on our systems in the future. Now we can extend our trusting cooperation of the past years to North America as well.“

For additional information please contact:

Kimmo Kohtamäki, kimmo.kohtamaki@bladefence.com

Matthias Boock, matthias.boock@wpsystems.com