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Big Brother star urges you to ‘look out, look up’ this bank holiday weekend

Former Big Brother winner and one of the UK’s leading DIY and home improvement experts, Craig Phillips, is urging people to stay safe this bank holiday weekend.

Backing a campaign by Energy Networks Association, Craig is urging DIY and garden enthusiasts to turn Big Brother on the look out for overhead power cables, and to follow some top tips to stay safe.

Tragically, over the last year, 14 people have died coming into contact with overhead power lines, for example while cutting hedges, working up ladders, and even cleaning windows.

Overhead power lines hanging on poles and pylons can be out of sight, hidden behind hedges and trees or even mistaken for traditional landline telephone cables.

For anyone going up ladders, putting up scaffolding or using tools that reach high places, then make sure you know what’s around you and watch out for electricity power lines and cables.

You can stay safe by following our top tips:

Always note the location of overhead power lines, and don’t carry out lifting or loading within five meters of power lines.
Look out, look up. Never touch overhead power lines and be aware electricity can jump. Always assume lines are electrical and live.
If you think that you’re going to be working close to an overhead electricity cable, or if you’ve got any safety worries or concerns about the cables then contact your local electricity network company for advice.
Craig Phillips said:

“If you’re doing any work around the house, or gardening where there’s a chance you could be near powerlines, then make sure you stay safe. Plan your work ahead and look out and look up. If in doubt, then contact your local electricity network company.”

For more information about how you can stay safe visit energynetworks.org/LookOutLookUp.

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