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7,000 Watt Solar Installation provides green and economic solutions for local resident

Hamlin Energy Solutions, a division of Hamlin Companies, furnished and installed 52 Uni-Solar 136 photovoltaic panels for a historical property, Morey Residence, in Durham, NC. This 7,000 watt solar power rooftop system is estimated to generate approximately 10,000 kilowatt hours of renewable energy each year, and 200 carbon free megawatt hours over 20 years.

Rajendra Morey, property owner, said, “My wife and I are excited about the solar rooftop power plant that was designed and installed by Hamlin Energy Solutions. We had considered the idea of making a real and lasting contribution to generation of carbon neutral energy in our community”. One of the challenges during the planning stages for the owner was “to design a solution that maintained the State Historic Landmark Designation of our house, one of the few Modernist architectural houses in this approval in the State”. He further adds, “Hamlin was excellent in working within the constraints of the Historic standing of our house while optimizing other design concerns. They were patient in facilitating the delays required to gain concurrence on design proposals by the State Historic Commission”.

Hamlin Energy Solutions provides cost-effective BIPV (building-integrated photovoltaic) thin film laminate materials to generate solar energy, which is used to reduce customers’ demand for utility electric power. The solar laminate material is designed to provide optimum performance in direct sunlight, indirect sunlight and on cloudy days, giving it the potential to deliver more cost-effective power generation over the life of the system. Along with the economic savings, this system provides green solutions as well. Based on the US Climate Technology Gateway, a 7,000 watt solar power system offsets the equivalent of approximately 21,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions in one year. The projected environmental benefits for installing this solar power system are also comparable to planting 8.4 acres of forests, production of 1,088 gallons of gasoline per year, or 2.06 passenger cars not driven for one year. Rajendra claims, “We are proud to be a supplier of green power and one of the largest building-integrated (BIPV) residential solar power plants in the Triangle rated at 7,000 watts”. In response to the owner’s remarks, Charles Dougherty, COO of Hamlin Companies, states, “We are proud to serve the roofing needs for the Morey family and support their contribution to renewable energy for the betterment of our community”.

The Uni-Solar Roofing system is easy to install, lightweight, powerful, and best of all, green and economic. The Uni-Solar products are less affected by temperature than monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar technology products in the market. Therefore, the result is up to 20% more delivered energy for a residence or business. Apart from its durability and attractive appearance, the Uni-Solar roofing system also makes sound financial and energy sense for a residence, business, industry or government.

About Hamlin Energy Solutions
Hamlin Energy Solutions, a division of The Hamlin Companies, leverages 54 years of experience providing complex roofing solutions through their sister company, Hamlin Roofing Company. Hamlin Energy Solutions offers green and sustainable roofing and metal turnkey solutions for residential and commercial applications that help customers meet their financial, environmental, and functional objectives. For more information, visit www.hamlincos.com.