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Zero Defects International and Viscom to Host Solar Test Open House

Zero Defects International and Viscom, Inc. have announced a day long event featuring demonstrations of inspection equipment utilized in the solar industry. This will be held at the Viscom Technical Center located at 1968 Junction Road in San Jose. The date is Friday, November 20th. Doors will open at 9:30 AM and demonstrations will continue until 4:30 PM.


Technologies to be showcased include AXI [automated X-Ray inspection], as well as a newly developed infrared inspection system. Visitors to this open house are encouraged to bring samples of products which they would like to see inspected on one or both of these technologies. Additionally, those interested in AOI [automated optical inspection] solutions are invited to attend in order to discuss current and anticipated requirements for this equipment.

Viscom is a world leading manufacturer of inspection equipment for the PCBA, solar, MEMS and wafer  industries. Zero Defects International provides test and inspection services to these same industries and  represents several equipment manufacturers, including Viscom.

Further Information: PaulBenke@ZDefects.com , www.zdefects.com

Paul Benke
Ph: 408/986-8522