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WindCube Complex Terrain Ready offering empowers wind industry with precise wind measurements for all terrain types

Extensive offering enables wind farm developers, operators and turbine manufacturers to leverage WindCube’s renowned data reliability and accuracy in the most complex environments

Leosphere, a Vaisala company that specializes in developing, manufacturing, and servicing turnkey wind lidar instruments for wind energy, today announced the launch of its complete WindCube Complex Terrain Ready offering. The offering includes the company’s integrated, patented and proven Flow Complexity Recognition (FCR) software – currently used in moderately complex terrain – and the industry-proven Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) correction method to deliver accurate and trusted wind measurement in any environment, from moderate to the most complex terrains.

For more than a decade companies around the globe have leveraged WindCube FCR, a simplified and robust modeling tool, to successfully solve challenges and simplify managing wind measurement in moderately complex terrain. Now, through strategic agreements with leading CFD providers and wind energy consultants, decision-makers have easy access to both FCR and CFD correction services, empowering wind farm developers with accurate, reliable, bankable, and widely accepted wind flow data anywhere in the world.

“With wind energy being one of the fastest-growing sources of sustainable energy production, the location of wind farm development and operations have expanded to new and challenging environments,” said David Pepy, Head of Renewable Energy, at Leosphere, a Vaisala company. “This expansion into hilly, mountainous and other areas with varying levels of terrain complexity, make it challenging to collect trusted and precise wind measurements that illustrate what the wind is doing in these increasingly complicated locations. That’s where our solutions come in to ensure project operators realize precise data in all types of complex terrain.”

The extensive offering ensures that WindCube customers have the right solution for correcting WindCube data, no matter what type of complex terrain they are considering. The integrated FCR solution is appropriate for moderately complex terrain while CFD post-processing, available as an option through trusted partnerships with industry-leading wind energy leaders and consultants, is leveraged for more complex terrain. In some cases, customers use both FCR and CFD data to ensure the highest possible wind measurement outcomes.

The company has partnered with proven CFD industry leaders, including Meteodyn and WindSim, and wind energy consultants like ArcVera, Deutsche WindGuard, DNV, Fraunhofer IWES, and UL, to ensure WindCube customers have access to the right CFD solution and industry expert support to meet their specific needs. Wind energy consultants are able to approve the corrected data, evaluate the resulting measurement uncertainty following industry best practices, and ultimately ensure WindCube data bankability.

This new offering includes access to the company’s complex terrain experts who evaluate each customer’s requirements to help them determine the right solution. This guidance begins with leveraging the company’s exclusive “Complex Terrain Error Predictor,” an innovative tool that helps project owners estimate possible complex flow lidar errors at the beginning of the measurement campaign to narrow in on the right solution for their site.  Then, WindCube users   have easy access to one processing layer or a combination of processing and consulting layers to further reinforce their business case with bankable data. This new offering makes it easy to get the most out of WindCube data.

To learn more, please visit windcubelidar.com.

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