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Wagner Co Solar Technology A Pioneer Of The European Solar Market Expands To North America

Wagner & Co Solar Technology, originally founded in 1979 by a group of environmental technology students, has established an US subsidiary in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Wagner Solar Inc. is the latest expansion of Wagner & Co Solar Technology after a successful history of growth throughout Europe, with subsidiaries in Spain , France and Italy and more than 400 employees. The new company will provide highly efficient solar thermal systems tailored to the US market for domestic hot water and space heating applications. As one of the largest Photovoltaic integrators in Germany, Wagner Solar Inc. will also be offering solar electric PV solutions and will provide engineering support for installations in North America .

30 years of experience pay off
Wagner & Co Solar Technology has gained technology leadership with ready-to-market solar thermal packages and received numerous awards. The company also came out first in many annual product tests by the independent consumer-testing agency “Stiftung Warentest” for the design of highly-efficient and cost effective solar thermal systems. Wagner & Co Solar Technology is well known for its EURO solar thermal collector line, among them Europe ‘s most efficient flat plate collector. The EURO collector line currently is being introduced to the North American markets.

Jörg Gäbler, a German-American citizen, with 15 years of experience in the German-American business culture, has been appointed managing director of Wagner Solar Inc. in Cambridge , MA . Mr. Gäbler holds a BA from Northeastern University and MSc from the TU Vienna in renewable energy technologies. His master thesis covered the solar thermal market of North America ; a process of 3 years of research and market entry preparation for Wagner Solar.

The northeastern United States provide excellent market opportunities for the introduction of advanced solar thermal systems for space heating support – one of the reasons why Wagner & Co Solar Technology chose this region. High fuel costs, high heating requirements and a favorable installer infrastructure are just a few factors for the decision to start the US division of Wagner Solar Inc. in Cambridge , MA . In addition to offering well-engineered solar system solutions, Wagner Solar Inc. will invest considerable efforts into training and support of solar customers; a decisive factor for building a reliable installer base and a sustainable market in the US.

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