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Vattenfall and ROMO Wind publish performance data verifying that iSpin technology accurately measures wind farm performance

Danish-Swiss wind turbine optimiser ROMO Wind together with Vattenfall carried out a performance measurement project at Nørrekær Enge wind farm in Denmark using 13 Siemens 2.3 MW turbines. The goal was to compare the power curve measurement results of an IEC-compliant met mast, a nacelle LiDAR, and the iSpin spinner anemometer. The results show that only the iSpin technology enables reliable and replicable wind turbine performance measurements on all turbines in the wind farm. Within a confidence interval of 95%, the comparable wind turbines were observed to be operating within only 0.3% of AEP to each other and the power curve verified reference turbine. The raw measurement data is available in an online data sharing portal and interested experts are invited to analyse and confirm all data and results.

The systemic advantage of the iSpin spinner anemometer is that it measures the wind where it first hits the turbine – directly at the spinner. The Nørrekær Enge data now proves that iSpin can be described as the best nacelle-based wind measurement technology and performance measurement method available today:


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