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Unveiling FIFISH E-GO: The First Modular AI Underwater Robot for Professional Underwater Operations

Leading underwater robotics company, QYSEA Technology, announces the release of its next-generation advanced underwater operations expert, FIFISH E-GO. Delivering an innovative modular design, upgraded power and imaging system, multi-load capabilities, and AI-powered features, FIFISH E-GO stands as QYSEA’s most powerful professional-class underwater robot to date. With versatile functionality, the E-GO excels in missions across a range of challenging subsea environments and applications.

Four Core & Essential Modular Elements

FIFISH E-GO features an all-new modular design with detachable components for its motor, lighting, camera, and battery. Module replacements can swiftly restore the E-GO to its underwater operable state within minutes. With extensive expansion capabilities, FIFISH E-GO can accommodate up to six tools simultaneously, showcasing unprecedented operational strength.


FIFISH E-GO supports hot-swappable batteries, enabling rapid replacement without the need to shut down, and boasts fast charging to reach 90% capacity within 50 minutes. The accompanying portable intelligent charging system offers multiple charging modes, providing power to other external smart devices as well.

Advanced Imaging & Enhanced Power

The FIFISH E-GO is equipped with an industry-first 176° ultra-wide fisheye lens, delivering a 146° ultra-wide field of vision underwater to capture a greater range of elements in a single frame. With an extreme macro adjustment capability, the FIFISH E-GO focuses underwater at a mere 10cm distance, allowing for clear observation at extremely close distances. Additionally, the FIFISH E-GO features 10,000 lumens of underwater lighting and a 160° wide illumination angle, ensuring clarity under dark and turbid oceans.


FIFISH E-GO’s ring-wing motors provide added power, enabling the machine to achieve underwater speeds of over 3 knots while maintaining rugged resistance to underwater currents.

Award-winning Design & Build

The all-new biomimetic design of the FIFISH E-GO, inspired by the formidable hammerhead shark, has earned it the prestigious Good Design Award 2023, reflecting a unique and industry-defining design philosophy.


The E-GO’s design delivers enhanced stabilization for the machine during underwater operations, minimizing water flow disturbances. Additionally, the ergonomic T-shaped tail fin design enhances operator mobility, enabling swift one-handed handling and rapid deployment.

AI-driven Underwater Operations

QYSEA’s self-developed AI Vision Lock function enables the FIFISH to achieve adaptive stabilization and locking of target objects underwater with a simple touch on the control screen. Furthermore, the AI plankton filtering algorithm automatically optimizes visuals, ensuring clearer underwater scenes for professional underwater monitoring tasks across aquaculture, search and rescue, hull check-ups, and beyond.

With the addition of add-on tools, FIFISH-EGO can utilize traditional laser scaling and innovative AI automation to accurately and efficiently measure underwater dimensions of objects, identifying damaged areas in underwater structures -such as ship ports, bridge pillars, and wind farm structures- with high precision.

FIFISH E-GO is now available across QYSEA and QYSEA partner platforms and channels. Please click below to learn more about the FIFISH E-GO:

FIFISH E-GO Website: Please Click Here

FIFISH E-GO Showcase Video: Please Click Here