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TrueOcean and north.io merge to become a leading Cloud Geodata Specialist – Their digital technology drives the energy transition.

Kiel, 18 September 2023

The merger of three Kiel-based software companies, north.io GmbH, TrueOcean GmbH and NatureConnect GmbH, marks a significant step forward in the use of digital technology for a sustainable future.

These companies, which specialise in the management of geospatial data on land and at sea, have joined forces to form “north.io”. The aim of this integration is to provide a stronger foundation for software development, geodata management and cloud analytics, while offering comprehensive support to customers in both onshore and offshore contexts.

The incorporation which was finalised with the signing of contracts on 3rd August, officially took effect on 6th September. Jann Wendt, CEO of north.io, and Frithjof Hennemann, former CEO of TrueOcean GmbH, will jointly manage the new company. As part of this transition, the three companies will work to streamline their operations and capitalise on synergies to better serve their customers and stakeholders.

Innovation through fusion

“One of the key outcomes of this merger is the significant improvement in cloud capabilities, speed and analytics of geospatial data through the companies’ software-as-a-service solutions”, explains Wendt. “These solutions play a critical role in helping government and business customers to make informed and evidence-based decisions using reliable digital tools and a comprehensive knowledge base. The combined efforts of the three companies have laid the foundation for this progress.”


“The consolidation of expertise and resources under one roof will benefit the overall performance of the company and its investors”, says Hennemann, emphasising the seamless fit between the focus and thematic expertise of the three companies. Hennemann highlights the challenge of bringing together different stakeholders, while at the same time harnessing the potential benefits of collaboration. The resulting structure is designed to drive the crucial digital transformation and will enable a more sustainable future.

The merger also consolidates a range of geospatial services under the north.io umbrella. It will especially benefit customers, particularly through the specialised offerings of TrueOcean and TrueEarth. While TrueOcean focuses on marine geodata management, TrueEarth concentrates on land-based geodata management.

Overall, this step reflects a strategic alignment of the merging companies’ goals and capabilities, setting the stage for continued advances in geospatial management and analytical capabilities in the cloud.