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Swiss Steel Group supplies Green Steel Stainless+ for completely stainless steel.

Swiss Steel Group has successfully launched Green Steel Stainless+.  A new variant of completely stainless steel that meets the highest ecological standards.

This innovative solution demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and the protection of our environment. Green Steel Stainless+ is characterized by its outstanding properties: Depending on the requirement profile, it is corrosion and heat resistant, offers excellent mechanical properties or is non-magnetic. It also scores with its visual and architectural advantages, which makes it particularly attractive for a wide range of applications.

Examples include use in the construction industry, in the automotive sector, for household appliances and in medical and aerospace technology. The production of corrosion-resistant steel requires the use of ferroalloys, the exact quantities of which depend on the requirements profile. The exploitation of these raw material sources has a direct impact on our planet, particularly through the consumption of natural resources and energy.

Thanks to EAF (electric arc furnace) technology, the Swiss Steel Group is able to use scrap as its main input material. However, the production of stainless steel from scrap requires strict sorting. At Ugitech, a subsidiary of the Swiss Steel Group, the average recycling rate in 2023 was an impressive 77.4%. This is made up of new scrap (internal scrap and production scrap) and old scrap (post-consumer).

Green Steel Stainless+ is produced in accordance with ISO 14021 with over 95% recycled material.

“Our scrap is carefully sourced and sorted mainly from Europe. These measures have enabled us to reduce Scope 3 emissions at Stainless+ by over 75%, and the CO2 footprint is around 1.0 tCO2e per ton of steel supplied,” says the Swiss Steel Group.

The introduction of Green Steel Stainless+ represents a significant step in our efforts to offer more environmentally friendly and sustainable products. We are proud to meet the needs of our customers while protecting our planet.

Anina Berger

Vice President Corporate Marketing and Communications

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