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SunOyster 16 heat receives Solar Keymark certification

SunOyster Systems (SOS) receives solar thermal quality label and starts regular sales of the concentrating solar technology

Berlin/Halstenbek, August 4th, 2021: Severe precipitation events in Germany and heat waves and fires in Southern Europe indicate that climate change is in full swing. In order to still achieve the 2-degree target of the Paris Climate Convention, we must push the energy transition. This includes in particular the heat transition, i.e. the decarbonization of the heating and cooling sector.

With the SunOyster 16 (SO16) heat, heat consumers now have another innovative product available to wake up the “sleeping giant” of solar heat supply: The parabolic mirrors of the SO16 track the sun bi-axially all day, concentrating direct sunlight onto a high-quality vacuum tube. In case of strong wind, the SunOyster automatically closes its mirrors into a secure flat position – just as an oyster closes its shell.

SunOyster Systems GmbH (SOS) has now received the Solar Keymark certification for the SO16 heat from DIN CERTCO, a company belonging to TÜV Rheinland. The Solar Keymark is a quality mark for solar thermal products based on the standards DIN EN 12975-1 and DIN EN ISO 9806. The tests were executed by the measurement institute CENER, near Pamplona in Northern Spain. They carried out laboratory tests and for example shot ice balls with a speed of 80 km/h at the glass parts. SOS also set up a test machine on the roof in spring of 2021. Here, the lab for example conducted a mechanical load test (photo), which simulates a snow or wind load. In parallel, the institute audited the production of SunOyster Systems which had just been certified by Intertek according to the ISO 9001 quality management system in June.

In particular, the solar testing lab measured the energy output of the SunOyster 16. This is around 8.5 kW at 850 W direct radiation, and around 10 kW at 1,000 W (the Concentrator Standard Testing Conditions – CTC). Based on the German location of Würzburg, the yield of a square meter of aperture surface for 25°C is 633 kWh of heat per year, and for 50°C it is 560 kWh. This means that the SunOyster will be included in the German list of products eligible for public grant. Customers for solar heating can then receive 30 to 45% subsidies on the system costs, and customers with process heat applications even 45 to 55%, leading to attractive project returns of the customers. The Solar Keymark certification also enables subsidies for customers in many other European countries. For example in Athens where the annual yield is up to 967 kWh. And this heat can be converted into cooling with the help of thermal chillers to make the present heat wave more bearable.

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