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SMART Turbine Inc. Negotiating Phase 1 Capital Investments

Smart Turbine Inc. has developed technology that will significantly improve access to wind energy around the world. In addition to the exponential growth opportunity in the small wind turbine (SWT, under 100kW) market, Smart Turbine Inc. will capitalize on incentive programs with the government to quickly establish a leadership position in the industry. Patent-pending SMART technology presents an attractive opportunity for investors in a $1 billion market for home and commercial wind energy.

Rohnert Park, CA, January 31, 2011 Smart Turbine Inc. has developed disruptive technology allowing their wind turbine to produce significant amounts of energy in locations that would not function for others currently in the market. Smart Turbines install and work productively in any area as small as a few square feet with a qualified amount of annual wind. A smart turbine can generate power without noise on a patio, balcony, roof top, open space, ground, mast, and more, all while being scalable as an array too.

Currently SMART Turbine Inc. is in discussions with several prominent investment organizations based in both the United States and China. The companies founders are based in the United States as is the company which is a registered Delaware corporation. All primary business for the company is based in the United States with administrative operations in Rohnert Park California. SMART Turbine Inc. is still seeking investment proposals as there has not been a final decision regarding the current investors at the time of this writing.

A presentation, executive summary and business plan will be supplied to qualified investors upon request.

If you are an investor, Smart Turbine Inc. is targeting a 2011 Q4 general availability release. Please contact info@smart-turbine.com or visit the website to find out more. www.smart-turbine.com – mirror at www.spinpower.org