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SEAONICS ECMC 3D Crane for Norwind Offshore Vessel

In the extension of the delivery of Seaonics’ first electric gangway system to Norwind Hurricane 21st of March 2024, Norwind Offshore has placed an order for a stand-alone ECMC 7t-3D crane for newbuild 952 – Norwind Helm

The crane is to be installed in connection with the delivery of the newbuild from Vard Brattvaag end of November 2024 and Norwind Helm will be the first CSOV with two 3D cranes installed. This delivery is in addition to the ECMC Gangway with integrated 3D crane that SEAONICS is already delivering to the same vessel. The ECMC Crane will be delivered and commissioned during the summer.

Petter Nesset, Sales Manager at SEAONICS, expressed his enthusiasm about the continued collaboration with Norwind Offshore:

“We are honoured to extend our collaboration with Norwind Offshore and the sale of our flagship ECMC 3D Crane. We are pleased that we have together found a solution to upgrade the vessel with the stand-alone crane in addition to the Seaonics gangway system with integrated 3D crane”.

Commitment to Local Collaboration

“We are happy to have local suppliers who develop and deliver the very best in the technology that our vessels need to serve our customers. We look forward to receiving an additional 3D crane alongside the already ordered ECMC gangway system, both of which will be installed on our next newbuild to be delivered by Vard Brattvaag at the end of this year,” says Roy Ove Standal, COO at Norwind Offshore.

Sustaining the Electrification of the Industry

The SEAONICS ECMC Crane is fully electric driven, allowing for efficient handling operations for a sustainable future. The control technology for the active motion compensation is developed by SEAONICS and well proven in offshore wind operations. The boom control, slew control and telescope control are all electric driven and dynamically used to perform the 3D compensation of the crane tip.


“The positive market reception of the ECMC 3D Crane validates our strategic focus on electrifying lift and handling equipment. We are particularly pleased to observe its suitability for retrofit solutions. SEAONICS will continue this focus and our contributions towards zero-emission operations in our industry” states Håkon Fauske, Managing Director at Seaonics.

For more information, please contact: Petter Nesset, email: petter.nesset@seaonics.com

SEAONICS’s mission is to make mission critical maritime handling and lifting solutions even smarter, more efficient and profitable through specialized knowledge and advanced technology. In this way, SEAONICS gives their customers the upper hand in sustainable exploration, development and harvesting of the ocean space. SEAONICS is a subsidiary of Vard Group.

About Norwind

Norwind Offshore was established in 2021, by companies with generational experience in advanced maritime operations from the traditional offshore industry. This collective knowledge based on experience, together with adaptability, provides us with a unique competitive advantage as we enter into a new, yet related industry. The world’s growing need for clean, sustainable energy sources, drives us at Norwind Offshore to be an active facilitator in the transition to a low carbon society.