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Schmid Group Presents Breakthrough Solutions for Substrate Production, Including Proprietary Embedded Trace Technology for Organic and Glass Substrates at International Semiconductor Executive Summit (ISES) USA

Freudenstadt, Germany, April 5, 2024— The SCHMID Group, a global leader in providing solutions to the high-tech electronics, photovoltaics, glass, and energy systems industries participated in the International Semiconductor Executive Summit (ISES) USA this week. As a renowned innovator and technology partner, SCHMID presented groundbreaking insights on solutions for substrate production including organic and glass substrates, as well as details around their embedded trace (ET) process.

In this dynamic session entitled “Solutions for Substrate Production”, Laurent Nicolet, SCHMID Group’s Electronics Vice President, elaborated on the challenges facing traditional organic and next generation glass substrate production and how SCHMID solves these problems for the industry.

Key Highlights:

  • Driven by increasing chiplet requirements for high-end performance applications, like AI, new substrate materials and technologies are needed to support miniaturization, integration, performance, thermal management, high frequency capabilities, speed, and energy efficient components and systems.
  • SCHMID’s breakthrough ET process opens new design opportunities for next generation substrates that enable manufactures to produce the most advanced substrates below two microns on glass or organics.
  • Glass substrates, which exhibit superior thermal and dimensional properties, exceptional dielectric characteristics and capacity for increased chiplet integration, and greater COWOS design flexibility are possible with ET.
  • Offering more than 70% of processes and equipment needed, substrate manufacturers can collaborate with a single supplier for both equipment and process solutions to streamline their operations.

Christian Schmid, SCHMID Group Chief Executive Officer, commented “Nicolet’s presentation at ISES USA outlines how our proprietary ET process is at the intersection of next generation innovation, sustainability, and industry transformation alongside our customers. We are pleased with the feedback we received during the event and confident that these technologies will be integrated into future advanced IC-packaging solutions worldwide”.

SCHMID will be exhibiting at the IPC’s Apex/Expo in Annahiem, California, April 9-11, showcasing the latest equipment and process solutions for both UHDI and advanced substrates, including glass with capabilities down to 2 microns and below. See us at booth #4632.

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About SCHMID Group 

The SCHMID Group is a world-leading global solutions provider for the high-tech electronic, photovoltaics, glass, and energy systems industries, with its parent company Gebr. SCHMID GmbH is based in Freudenstadt, Germany.  Founded in 1864, today it employs more than 800 staff members worldwide, and has technology centers and manufacturing sites in multiple locations including Germany and China, in addition to several sales and service locations globally. The Group focuses on developing customized equipment and process solutions for multiple industries including electronics, renewables, and energy storage. Our system and process solutions for the manufacture of substrates, printed circuit boards and other electrical components ensure the highest technology levels, high yields with low production costs, maximized efficiency, quality, and sustainability in green production processes. www.Schmid-group.com