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Repowering the planet by reducing solar power production costs

GameChange Solar is an American solar tracker and fixed tilt manufacturer based in New York, with the main mission of ‘repowering the planet by reducing solar power production costs’. It has grown exponentially from the beginning and in only 6 years, it has managed to reach almost 10GW sales, placing the company among Top 3 in the USA and Top 6 globally.

We started in the solar business with big investments from our CEO’s IPP, and it clearly showed that the cost and efficiency of the installations had big improvement potential. So, there you have the origin of the company, designing its own fixed structures and trackers, focusing on maximizing energy production and reducing cost of installation goals for developers and EPC companies respectively.

Nowadays, both cost of equipment and installation are crucial to reduce CAPEX and OPEX and minimize LCOE. Developers and investors are sure to be competitive and reach a good IRR, after all, every cent counts.

That’s why GameChange Solar focus on optimizing the design of the fixed structures and trackers to reduce the cost in production without compromising quality and warranties. We offer up to 40 years design life.

In addition, we are improving installation design and components to reduce timing and installation manpower during EPC works.

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