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Rehm Thermal Systems showcases new fast-firing and drying technologies at EUPVSEC 2009, Booth B5/45

The team at Rehm Thermal Systems are preparing to showcase the company’s best-in-class capabilities for solar cell metallization at the 24th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference & Exhibition. Being held from September 21st – 25th in Hamburg, Germany, EUPVSEC 2009 will introduce visitors to the thermal specialist’s recently updated line of fast-firing systems and drying ovens.


On display from booth B5/45, Rehm’s new RFS Fast Firing Furnace extends its decades of high performance thermal engineering and manufacturing experience further into the world of PV production. In addition to the RFS Firing System, the company’s line-up of thermal solutions for metallization now also includes the RFS-D combination Drying and Firing System. Characterised by industry-leading low energy consumption and a compact footprint that optimises factory space while driving down cost, the Rehm Fast Fire Systems feature a host of innovative design features that enable new levels of metallization process performance. High throughput rates, an integrated residue management system, superlative profile control and process monitoring are just a few of the benefits visitors to the Rehm booth at EUPVSEC can see for themselves.

In addition to the Rehm Fast Fire Systems, the Rehm booth will also showcase the company’s new series of drying systems for solar cell metallization. The RDS 2100 and RDS 3000 offer a variety of advanced process features and thermal control that enable PV manufacturers to reach an entirely new level of efficiency and yield. The horizontal throughput systems guarantee a safe transport through the oven either via mesh belt or with pin chain up to 3 lanes. In the mesh belt systems, the conveyor of the heating zone can be separated from that of the cooling zone so no latent heat is carried into the cooling area. And at belt speeds up to 6m/minute, the RDS Series provides high throughputs of up to 5700wph. Both systems are compatible with Rehm’s Condensate Residue Management System, a process that controls the build-up of unwanted paste solvent and vehicle residue in the process chamber and extends maintenance intervals.

Rehm CCO, Marc Dalderup, explains: “We’re looking forward to showcasing our expertise at EUPVSEC where I think the solar industry will be surprised to learn that we have over 200 curing and drying systems in production in factories around the world right now. Having entered the photovoltaic space, we’ve applied our twenty year history of advanced thermal engineering to create a comprehensive range of metallization systems – which visitors can see for themselves on our booth! The show will also be a good opportunity for visitors to get to grips with the intuitive Visu2 software that drives our fast-firing systems and drying ovens. Incorporating process and product traceability tools, remote diagnostics and an extensive product library, it’s now easier than ever to accelerate set-up time and reduce operator training.”

About Rehm Thermal Systems
Rehm Thermal Systems (www.rehm-group.com) is an international supplier to the photovoltaic and electronics industries, specializing in curing, drying and firing technologies as well as convection and condensation soldering. Rehm operates vertically integrated manufacturing facilities in Germany, China, and Russia, and technical support facilities throughout Europe, Asia and North America.

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Marc J. Dalderup
Rehm Thermal Systems GmbH
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Blauberen, Germany
Tel: +49 7344-9606-0
E-mail : m.dalderup@rehm-group.com

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