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Putting the UK at the forefront of the hydrogen economy

The new low carbon hydrogen standard has been welcomed by industry experts from the UK’s leading hydrogen trade association.

The Government is committed to ramping up the country’s hydrogen production with Prime Minister Boris Johnson pledging to make Britain the Qatar of Hydrogen.

In last week’s Energy Security Strategy, it was revealed that hydrogen producers must meet a Green House Gas (GHG) emission intensity of 20gCO2e/MJLHV to be considered low carbon.

Industry experts from the UK’s leading hydrogen trade association welcomed the clear framework to achieve the new carbon hydrogen standard.
Celia Greaves, CEO of the UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association, welcomed the clarity on the standard. She said the new standard provides a balance between being low enough to get Britain on a path to achieve its emissions targets while being a practical approach which will enable a good mix of projects.
She said: “If the UK Government is to achieve the economic and social benefits that hydrogen can bring, it needs to ensure that it creates the right environment for the industry to thrive. That means putting in place the long-term policy framework that can best support the deployment of renewably based and CCUS-enabled hydrogen.
“We also welcome the confirmation that Government will not be adopting an additionality requirement for hydrogen production to meet the standard. This will also help to ensure that the widest possible mix of low carbon hydrogen projects can be taken forward.”

The new low carbon hydrogen standard is part of the Government’s response to the consultation carried out with industry organisations last year, called Designing a UK Low Carbon Hydrogen Standard.

Rob Jolly, Hydrogen Business Development Manager, a leader in hydrogen production and UK HFCA member, said: “This is what we need in terms of a clear framework for low carbon projects to be developed. It will allow companies to know what the rules of the game are. It allows projects to develop and work out what it means for them to meet this standard. It gives clarity.

“This is just the first step and as technologies and understanding continues to develop, Government will need to keep the level of the standard under review.”

He added: “The UK is the only developed nation to have such a comprehensive standard.

“This is exactly what we need right now to keep us at the forefront of the global hydrogen economy.”

The UK HFCA is a leader in advocating for and accelerating the transition to Net Zero in the UK through the deployment of hydrogen and fuel cell solutions.

Hydrogen producers applying for Net Zero Hydrogen Fund and Low Carbon Hydrogen Business Model funding will need to comply with the new standard to be eligible.
The new emissions standard that defines what is meant by ‘low carbon’ hydrogen, includes:

  • a methodology for calculating Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) associated with hydrogen production
  • a subsequent greenhouse gas emissions threshold against which different low carbon hydrogen production pathways would be measured